Hello and thanks for stopping in.You have found yourself here because you are about to make one of the largest purchases in life.

There are a lot of home inspectors out there. Some good and some bad. What I can tell you is that when I inspect a home or building I inspect it like I would for myself or my family. In any profession, the most important attribute is someone who genuinely cares about what they are doing. 

A home inspection is like an investigation, your home inspector is looking for clues that indicate something is not as it should be. In a standard home inspection, I am looking for material defects in the following main areas or systems: foundation & drainage; interior & exterior walls, windows & doors; air conditioning, heating, plumbing & electrical systems; fireplace, chimney, roofing; stairs, decks, railings; appliances, the venting of gas appliances & more.

Upon the completion of your home inspection, we will go over the findings in detail and your home inspection report will be available to you within 24 hours or less. You will find our home inspection reports to be clear, concise and easy to understand. You can decide if you would like a hard copy or a PDF of the inspection report. The report has pictures and comments about issues that I find.

I perform inspections anywhere from Niagara, Welland to Hamilton and Burlington.


    • Qualified,  NACHI Certified Home Inspector
    • Ongoing Education with Industry Experts
    • Alway on time for your scheduled inspection
    • Honest, Friendly & Ethical
    • Clear, concise reports delivered within 24 hrs
    • Liability & Errors & Omissions Insurance
    • Up to date equipment such as Inferred Camera,  Moisture meter, Line load simulator, combustible gas detector, Borescope, ect.


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