Crack Injection Transferable Warranty

Transferable Limited 20 Year Warranty

True Inspection Home and Building Inspection Service warrants the injection of interior cracks from the date of the injection for 20 years against any defects in material or workmanship that result in the permeation of water through the same foundation crack.  If, after we have injected a crack for the first time, the crack leaks for a second time, we will re-inject the crack at no cost to you. In the event that the crack continues to be problematic and leaks a third time, we will either refund the money paid by you for the initial injection or apply it as credit toward any other work that may be required to completely eliminate permeation within the affected area.  While the action that we take to address a third-leak crack may be advised by us, our action taken is to ultimately be determined by you. The warranty does not apply if the foundation has moved or shifted. In each case where we do a repair, a picture of the crack before and after the injection will be taken and stored indefinitely.

True Inspection Home and Building Inspection Service does not warrant any injected cracks to which modification of injection plugs has occurred, whether due to cosmetic reasons or otherwise.  Modifications to these plugs will result in a voided warranty for the entirety of the crack and work site set in our initial scope of work. This warrant is transferable upon request in writing by the original purchaser.

Additional Info – Disclaimer

Due to the migratory nature of draining water, there remains a chance that a new point of permeation may become affected.  For example, there may be cracks in the foundation that are hidden behind drywall that are not apparent until an abnormal amount of rain falls in a short amount of time, at which point the crack leaks. This is a different crack that we did not inject and therefore is not covered under any warranty.

Potential Moisture Damage

This warranty does not imply indemnity for any tangible or intangible damage caused by leaking water itself; we do not provide compensation for any damages to person, property, or otherwise in relation to or caused by flooding, regardless of the water’s source of permeation, treated by us or otherwise.


We are not be held responsible for incidental damage related to our technicians’ work within our quoted work area, such as peeled paint or settled dust created from work performed. Additional ensuing cosmetic damage to concrete such as discolouration or efflorescence as a result of future leakage is also outside of our coverage scope.