Flood Provention


Download the above Basement_Flood_Protection__English_Three_Steps_to_Basement_Flood_Protection_Infographic_2019.06.12

The Home Flood Protection Program is a residential flood risk reduction education program that was launched by the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo in 2016. The goals of the Home Flood Protection Program are to help residents take action to reduce their flood risk and reduce damage in the event of a flood.

Most homes are at risk of flooding due to increasingly heavy rainstorms and plumbing leaks. Please take a few minutes to complete this Home Flood Protection Check-Up to receive a confidential report that identifies:

  • Actions you’ve already taken that may qualify for insurance discounts
  • Additional actions you can take to reduce risk that will potentially qualify for subsidies and discounts
  • Links to third-party how-to videos and fact sheets

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