Home Energy Rebates in Ontario

Ontario Energy Rebate Programs

There are a number of different programs available that all offer homeowners Ontario energy rebates in 2020! We’ve broken down each of the programs below:

Home Efficiency Rebate

The Home Efficiency Rebate is a program run by Enbridge Gas Inc. and offers up to $5,000 for energy efficient upgrades! This rebate program is a great way to increase your home’s energy efficiency, while saving some money on upgrades. By completing energy efficient upgrades to your home, you will likely find a reduction in your annual energy consumption and bills, as well as a more comfortable living environment in your home.

The energy efficient upgrades that qualify for these Ontario energy rebates are:

  •     Attic Insulation
  •     Basement Insulation
  •     Exterior Wall Insulation
  •     Furnace / Boiler
  •     Water Heater
  •     Windows & Skylights
  •     Doors
  •     Air Sealing

The difference between the Home Efficiency Rebate and many of the other rebate programs is that eligibility is not based on income. This program is available to all homes that are heated by a natural gas furnace or boiler that is serviced by Enbridge Gas*. Further, you are allowed to choose any reputable contractor to complete the renovations. The only requirement is that you must save your renovation receipts for submission at the final energy audit.

*Note: Union Gas amalgamated with Enbridge Gas to form one company, now known as Enbridge Gas. Most of Ontario, with the exception of a few small areas are serviced by Enbridge. Be sure to check your natural gas bill for further clarification!


The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation offers a refund of up to 25% off your premium for energy efficient renovations. The CMHC Green Home program is available to those who buy, build, or renovate for energy efficiency. You also must finance your home through CMHC in order to participate in this program.

As with most government programs, you must have an energy audit completed on your home by a Registered Energy Advisor in order to qualify. The energy audits must be completed both before any renovations have begun, as well as after all of the renovations have been completed. You’ll receive 2 EnerGuide ratings (one before the renovations, and another after), so you can see how much your home has improved from the renovations. The CMHC Green Home program refund is determined by the level of energy efficiency achieved.

Energy Savings Rebate Program

The Energy Savings Rebate program offers up to 25% (up to $500) off energy efficient products through participating retailers throughout Ontario. You can see a full list of participating retailers here. This rebate is available for energy efficient items like dishwashers, washers, dryers, dehumidifiers, ceiling fans, smart thermostats, air conditioners, and more!

Home Assistance Program (HAP)

The Save on Energy Home Assistance Program offers free energy efficient upgrades to your home, and is available to income-eligible homeowners or tenants. Energy efficient upgrades included in this program are light bulbs, showerheads, refrigerators, air conditioners, insulation, and more!